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​​​​​​​Are You An Event Planner Looking For A Dynamic, Motivational, And Inspirational Speaker? 

She tailors high-energy, high-impact keynotes and speeches​​​​​​​ to the requirements of each organization she works with. Carefully crafted to provoke thought and a high level of engagement, Leena's presentations blend practical tools with insightful stories from her career as a businesswoman, athlete, and coach as a storied backdrop. 

Leena was mentored by her grandfather- a direct disciple of Mahatma Gandhi- from the age of 4. She weaves in stories of the lessons she learned growing up into her talk in a way that is relevant and eye-opening for today's business leaders looking to influence and persuade their tribe to be, do, and become more. 

Leena has spoken on many of the top stages in the USA and Europe alongside world renowned business and political leaders, including: Eric Schurenberg, Kara Goldin, Tony Buzan, Michael Crawford, Dominic O'Brien, Baria Alamuddin, Ray Keene OBE, Tim Llewellyn, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Les Brown Jr. and many others. 

International Speaker​​​​​​​

Leena has trained and mentored leaders from USA, England, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, India and Africa

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