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Whether you are an executive, an association leader, or an event manager looking for a world-class speaker for your event, there are multiple benefits to booking Leena. Here are just a few:

- A dynamic powerful presentation- tailored to your requirements -that stirs the attendees to action

- Added value bonus content/supporting material/breakout session that reinforces the key takeaways of the presentation
- An easy to work with presenter with 20+ years experience. (Have a special/unusual request? Just ask!)

    Why you should book Leena as a speaker

    Talk Idea

    Break Your Own Rules: Changing the Patterns of Thinking That Block the Birth Of New Ideas

    ​​​​​​​Attendees will learn:

    1. What drives and inhibits innovation and change in today's fast-changing world
    3. Cultural habits of leading companies 
    4. top emerging trends impacting the future of work
    5. the Innovation Expansion Framework for future-proofing your business


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    Raise Your Innovation IQ

    Las Vegas-based keynote speaker, Leena Patel, is available for all important events including

    • Innovation Conferences 
    • Industry Conferences
    • Annual Company Conventions
    • Diversity /Women In Leadership Conferences
    • Award Ceremonies
    • Annual corporate gatherings 
    • Leadership programs 
    • Multi-speaker events
    • Student Conferences 
    • Commencements / Graduations 
    • Any other function where a keynote speaker is feasible

    Leena has spoken on many of the top stages in the USA , Europe, and Asia alongside world renowned business and political leaders, including: Tony Buzan, Michael Crawford, Dominic O’Brien, Baria Alamuddin, Ray Keene OBE,  Tim Llewellyn, Reverend Jesse Jackson and many others. She is recognized with a Woman of Distinction award for pioneering gamulation as an innovation in instructional design.



    As an internationally recognized speaker, Leena challenges, educates and empowers leaders, teams, and organizations to drive creativity and innovation. Her special interest is helping companies build diverse teams, create a culture of inclusiveness, promote more women in executive leadership... and leverage all this internal talent ideas to grow revenue.
    She tailors high-energy, high-impact keynotes to the requirements of each organization she works with. Carefully crafted to provoke thought and a high level of engagement and relevance, Leena’s presentations blend practical tools with insightful stories from her career stemming from 20+ years experience as a woman-owned, minority-owned business owner, former athlete, and granddaughter of an inclusion activist as a storied backdrop. 
    ​​​​​​​Leena stays up to date on the latest in business best practices, theories, and studies so attendees can be sure they are receiving the most current and relevant information available.

    Innovation Mindset

    Developing A Culture of Innovation

    Leveraging Female Talent to Drive Innovation

    Innovation Strategy

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