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LeenaPatelLIVE! Podcast

The Leena Patel LIVE! podcast is out. No grand opening. No ribbon-cutting ceremony. Just the beginning of a new journey- one that I invite you to take with me.

I'm on a mission to turn the future of business on its head and teach the right way and the fastest way to create leaders that think for themselves. Just me and you, getting together, getting real about what's changing in the workplace and why it matters to you.

We'll be tapping into play, exploring ways to develop a feisty, humble, curious, open-minded spirit, talking about unconventional ways to be happy and thriving at work... and all driven by a yearning to make a positive impact in ourselves, our teams, and our workplace culture at its root.

You can find it on iTunes, Stitcher​​​​​​​, Spotify, Anchor, Pocket Casts, and a bunch of other podcast hangout joints. Type in 'Leena Patel LIVE!'

I hope you'll join in. Subscribe. And if you support the vision I have, tell your forward-thinking, entrepreneurial-minded, or visionary business leader friends so that, together, we can bring more sandboxes into more boardrooms.

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