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'Leena Patel has skill, knowledge, flair, and heart.'

Celine Dion

'the world's best female speaker'

Les Brown Jr, the World's #1 Motivational Speaker

'an excellent facilitator and keynote speaker'

-Robert C. Anderson - Snell & Wilmer, Partner

'an AMAZING speaker with a great message." 

-Scott E Augenbaum, cybersecurity expert, former FBI Special Agent


'...tremendous talent, extreme versatility.. and as well, a unique training style, which in all my years of experience I have not seen replicated.'

-Brian Burke - The X-Factor, Creative Director

'[She] almost brought me to tears... I can't wait for the day that she's up there [on stage] more and I'm up here less.'

-Brett Labbit - The Biz Dev Pro, CEO

The ability to wear both hats as an engaging speaker and savvy businessperson is rare and Leena wears them well. She understands the needs of her clients and always over-delivers. We reached our target in 30% less time than we originally anticipated as a direct result of her strategies. I am absolutely convinced she has been the ideal candidate to speak at our event.”

-Dr Kapadia, Prism Medical Group

‘The feedback from your presentation has been glowing…I cannot remember a speaker that so thoroughly engaged both attendees and administrators for an entire day!'
-Thomas Daffern, Truth and Reconciliation Commission

'...a standout for reaching the leaders and employees of any organization.'
Micah E Phillips -Nevada State Bank, Executive Vice President

“An engaging inspirational speaker. She captivated us with powerful lessons and wonderful take-aways... Book her without hesitation!”

-Senior Executive, iGate Corporation, Bangalore INDIA

'an energetic, dynamic speaker'
- Cami Lewis -Tech Impact, Community Manager

'A passionate speaker who puts all her energy into each segment of the program. She was always prepared and conducted high energy, interactive trainings.'
- Rob Tillman -Levi Strauss & Co, Distribution Director

'You are my inspiration.'
- Alexandra Spencer -Royal Society of Biology, Marketing Officer

'A captivating speaker with staggering wisdom in every aspect of business and corporate operations. Her strategies will help your people gain fine distinctions, explode their productivity, and take your business to a whole new level.  I give her my highest recommendation as the ideal speaker for your next event.'

-Aaron Maxwell – Powerful Python (founder), San Francisco, CA

'the creme de la creme'

- Rene Angelil, late husband and manager of Celine Dion​​​​​​​